Oregon Will Likely Have The Most Saturated Cannabis Industry In The Nation

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Oregon has the lowest barrier to entry than any other state that has a legal marijuana industry. Oregon is also a great place to grow marijuana. That combined with the fact that everyone and their grandma wants in on the industry is creating a very crowded Oregon cannabis scene. It doesn’t mean that people will be pushed out of the industry by default, but it does mean that those that are in the industry, or are going to get in on the industry, need to step up their game. Branding is going to be VITAL moving forward in the Oregon cannabis industry. Any company that doesn’t have an effective branding strategy in place is going to struggle as a result, no matter how good their products are.

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Summer A Great Time To Have A Portland Estate Or Move Down Sale

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It has been a busy summer handling Move Down and Estate Sales here in the greater Portland, Oregon market.  Portland Metro Auctions which is our Auction site will be holding a series of sale starting in Late July or Early August that you are going to want to participate in!

Portland Oregon Estate Sales Summer 2015 is a great time to hold your Estate Sale or Move Down sale and in Portland, Oregon we are busier then ever helping our clients!

This has been a busy time- the truth is there is a lot of stuff for sale and thousands of Baby Boomers are in process as far as moving down and selling off their unwanted items.  Think of all the millions of antiques, collectibles, estate items, and just “stuff” that this generation has collected.  This is the biggest group of people in the United States.  They had depression era parents and grandparents and…

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Make it a historic summer weekend in Astoria, Oregon

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“Let’s escape the heat and head to the coast this weekend,” says everyone this summer as we enter another week of 90+ degree weather. And while I agree that the cool sea breezes feel wonderful, I don’t like to share the beach with the crowds and arcades. So a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head out to Astoria on the north coast for a long weekend with some friends, and I jumped at the chance.

Lexus at Astoria KOA

The oldest township on the western coast, Astoria is a tiny former trading post, full of stories and adventure. From Lewis & Clark’s final journey to the Pacific Ocean to current day, crazy sea to river crossing, the town has been shaped by heroic characters. To explore Astoria through the years, check out my four favorite activities around the area for your next summer weekend:

1. Fort Stevens State Park

Once a…

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Dawson Park Summer Events 2015

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It’s summertime and that means another great season of entertainment at Dawson Park is upon us.  Thanks to the support of our amazing sponsors and individual donators, we raised enough money to host 4 concerts and one movie night!  These events are Free To The Public and are a great way to spend an evening out in the neighborhood.  Concerts start at 6:30pm and there will be a few food vendors on site including My Mamma’s Gumbo, Island Daydream Shaved Ice, and Nia Water Beverage Catering.  During movie night, live performances by local musicians and free popcorn begin at 6:30pm and the movie starts at dusk.

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