5 Easy Ideas for Small Kitchens

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Guest Blogger: Casey Makovich

Small kitchens present unique challenges for homeowners, but having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to resort to takeout every night. Here are 5 easy ideas for small kitchens that will help make your space look and feel larger.


Add storage wherever possible.

Space-permitting, bring in any storage pieces that will fit in your small kitchen. A kitchen hutch, set of drawers, rolling island or hanging pot rack are all great ways to squeeze in extra kitchen storage.  If you have free wall space, consider adding open shelving or wall organizers for storing smaller kitchen utensils. If your cabinets don’t reach all the way up to the ceiling, make use of above cabinet space with baskets and bins.

If you don’t have room to bring extra storage in,

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Notice of a Proposed Zoning Change

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Eliot Zone Map

Eliot Zone Map 2014

If you are a property owner, you probably received this notice in the past month. Normally, a notice like this is cause for alarm, but not in this case. Two major changes are proposed in Eliot as part of the Comp Plan; changing R2 (one residence per 2000 sq ft) zones to R2.5 (one residence per 2500 sq ft) and changing all C (commercial) and E (employment) zones to “Mixed Use.”

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Lloyd District, 1964

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This aerial gives a great perspective on the Lloyd District. Lloyd Center, Holladay Park, the Banfield Expressway, and Benson Polytechnic High School are visible.

Aerial view Lloyd Center area, April 24, 1964 : A2012-005

Aerial view Lloyd Center area, April 24, 1964 : A2012-005

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Historic Homes Headed for Demolition

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By Sarabeth Long -


623 NE Thompson

There are two 125-year-old houses in Eliot that are going to be demolished if the neighborhood doesn’t rally to save them. The best option would be to purchase them from the developer who owns them, Guy Bryant of GPB Construction, or failing that, to convince him not to tear them down to build his ultramodern 40-foot-tall rowhouses that, needless to say, don’t fit in to the neighborhood. The houses were built at the time the City of Albina was its own city.

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Portland Area Home Prices: A Soft Landing?

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After a marked rise in home prices, a recent study called the Case-Shiller Home Price Index suggests home prices for our region are decelerating. Prices are still rising, but at a considerably lower rate than before.  

Portland Home Prices, Portland Oregon, Portland Oregon Homes

Soft Landings Are Best When You Stay Above Water

Unlike dips in the past where homeowners were pulled ‘underwater’ and frequently owed more than their property was worth, a potential ‘soft landing’ could actually be good news.

Portland Home Price Index, Portland Case-Shiller, Home Price Index Portland

Portland Case-Shiller Home Price Index Chart

That’s because moderate home price deceleration helps make more sustainable our market gains that began well after the 2007 Great Recession. To be clear, in many areas both locally and nationally, home prices continue to rise. But now it appears Portland’s market trajectory has generally lowered to a more reduced ascent.

Portland Real Estate, Portland Oregon Economy, Portland Oregon Home Prices

This RMLS price chart confirms new figures from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index

The above Regional…

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Rapidly Diminishing REO Foreclosure Sales

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by Lawrence Yun, PhD., Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, NAR

  • The number of foreclosed home sales has been rapidly falling and could essentially vanish by next year.  Those who specialize in foreclosure sales should therefore look towards other line of business.
  • In August, foreclosed sales comprised only 6 percent of all home sales transactions, down from double-digit figures last year and from near 30 percent few years further back.
  • In addition to fewer distressed properties on the market currently, there is very little in the pipeline.  The number of foreclosure starts is essentially back-to-normal with only 0.4 percent of mortgages undergoing that process.  Moreover, mortgages originated in the past four years are one of the best performing with very little defaults.
  • We should nonetheless be mindful that the overall count of seriously delinquent mortgages and those homes in some stage of foreclosure process are still above historical normal…

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Speak Now or…

Originally posted on Eliot Neighborhood:

Map App

Comprehensive Plan Map App

The second Draft Comprehensive (Comp) Plan is out for review. As noted in previous columns, the State requires Portland to prepare a 20-year plan to accommodate expected future growth. The current Comp Plan was adopted in 1993 and is showing its age. The Draft Plan is expected to be adopted by City Council next summer. City planners are accepting comments on the plan through the end of October and a discussion of the Plan will be part of the General Membership meeting October 13th. This will be your best chance to comment before the final plan. Two public hearings are scheduled in October (the 14th and 28th), and comments can be submitted anytime using the “Map App” and other links on the Comp Plan web site.

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