Rapid Rehousing

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Affordable Housing from P Dribin

A good article in Shelterforce Weekly discusses the concept of rapid rehousing. This is the idea most commonly expressed in homeless programs that get people housed quickly and deal with the social problems later. The article posed certain factors that make the program more attractive to small landlords than traditional government programs. These advantages are:

Support for the tenant
Less bureaucracy
Less in the way of rehab

The entire article follows:

Could an Anti-Homelessness Program Also Stabilize Affordable Housing Supply?

Posted by Miriam Axel-Lute on August 1, 2016

Periodically in the affordable housing world, a few of us acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of low-income people live in unsubsidized rental units located within one- to four-unit buildings. And then we ask, how do we improve the quality of these homes and preserve their affordability? What programs could help these landlords and also help their tenants?

The conversations I’ve…

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HUD Policies on Housing Tenants With a Criminal Record

Affordable Housing from P Dribin

This is a very controversial subject. HUD projects have typically excluded tenants with former serious criminal convictions and evicted the entire household if a criminal action is committed. HUD has issued new guidance on this issue attempting to make it easier to house people with a criminal record, but allowing for reasonable standards to protect the safety of apartment communities. Here is a link that gives detailed guidance.


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Homeowners Take Trees Seriously and Rely on Professional Tree Services For Their Care

Tree Pruning Salem Oregon

Trees are wonderful, but at the same time they’re difficult to handle for the homeowner. Some trees grow very fast and the property owner can’t keep up with them. Most homeowners don’t know how to prune trees when they need pruned, and climbing them is out because they can get seriously hurt. The best thing anyone can do is call in the professionals who know how to prune trees without injuring them, or themselves. Trees can come down with illnesses and they also get old and die. These trees need to be removed from the property since they pose the danger of falling in a wind or rain storm.

It takes professionals that specialize in the tree pruning salem oregon residents depend on to do the job right. It also takes professionals who understand that some trees should be removed instead of pruned. Cutting the tree down and removing it…

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Guilds Lake War Housing, circa 1946

Vintage Portland

Aerial photograph of the southern section of the Guilds Lake war housing project with views of the Montgomery Ward Building and Vaughn Street Ballpark in the background, circa 1946.

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-025.216 City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-025.216

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Eliot History Spotlight: Dawson Park

Eliot Neighborhood

Dawson Park Gazebo Dawson Park Gazebo

Right in the heart of Eliot, positioned a block away from the Emanuel hospital between Williams and Vancouver Avenues, lies one of Albina’s most treasured historic spaces: Dawson Park. Today, it’s a shaded, grassy expanse complete with playground, basketball courts, and public fountain. All throughout July, catch free public concerts at Dawson Park every week–but before rolling out the picnic blanket and bringing the family down, learn a little about why Dawson Park’s story is tied so closely to the history of Northeast Portland.

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Making Craft Beer

Eat. Play. Love.

I was privileged enough to be invited by Chris Graham to a beer-tasting event last April 2016 hosted at Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop. It was facilitated by a fairly new microbrewery called Nipa Brew, who educated us on the end-to-end process of beer-making. 2 hours later, I walked away more knowledgeable about brewing with a stomach filled with sandwiches and beer.

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Main Ingredients of Beer

Beer typically has–and is not limited to these–4 components.

1. Yeast

Similar to wine, beer needs yeast to ferment the base ingredients to produce alcohol content. There are 2 main families of yeast affecting the rate of fermentation. Those that survive in warmer climates (18-24 degrees Celsius) typically take 4-5 days to completely ferment beer, while those than survive in lower temperature (8-14 degrees Celsius) can take 2-3 weeks.

2. Malt

Like any living organism, yeast needs to eat, and its food is malt. Yeast metabolizes malt to produce the…

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