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 I wanted to make you aware of an important petition that is being circulated in support of a new plan to save the housing industry. It was developed by a mortgage industry insider and we, at the Originator Times, believe it’s the only current plan to restore faith in the housing market and create profitability within our industry once again.

If you are sick of getting calls from potential customers you can’t help because they are upside down on their mortgages; tired of loan programs that are here today and gone tomorrow; frustrated with volatile rates and increasing credit score requirements; and angered by plans that bail out the wealthy and powerful and do nothing to fix the real problem then join mortgage industry veteran Scott Messina and the Originator Times in making our voices heard in Washington.  

Now is the time to act!  Sign the petition to support Messina’s “Save the American Dream” plan – the only plan that solves the root of the housing problem and sets the wheels in motion for a 2009 refinance boom similar to 2003 levels. 

Click here to sign the petition, or visit to read about the complete plan, or scroll down to read a summary, then forward this e-mail to everyone you know in the industry.



Melissa Sike



Save the American Dream Plan


The banks on Wall Street got their bailout. Now, what about all of us in the housing industry and those who work on Main Street?   

Were still hurting because the big Wall Street bailout did nothing to address the root cause of the housing crisis.   We need a real solution instead of a band-aid.  The Save the American Dream plan is the correct solution and it isn’t being heard in Washington because the people on Main Street – whom would be helped – aren’t donating millions of dollars to a particular political campaign, and therefore, have no economic representation in Washington.  For two reasons, it’s our responsibility as mortgage industry professionals to speak for those that have no voice and make Washington listen to the plan that will save struggling homeowners …and ourselves.  It’s our responsibility because we were a part of the problem (along with many others, including borrowers) and because we are the ones that have the industry knowledge and expertise to really do what needs to be done.  We are in a unique position here to really solve this crisis.  Click here to join us in support of the Save the American Dream plan .

The Save the American Dream plan will empower those millions of Americans who because of foreclosure and financial chaos have been living out their worst nightmares and provide them with viable refinance options to wake up and restore their dream. 

By providing millions of Americans with a refinance option as an alternative to foreclosure, we’ll in turn create a refinance boom within the industry. 

The Save the American Dream plan will save Wall Street by lending Main Street a hand and will rescue the U.S. housing market in the process.

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