Updated Notice of Default Lists was updated today (August 24th, 2010) with the largest list of Notice Defaults to date. With Notice of Default records dating back over 2 years. documents the fall of the great real estate bust of the 21st centry. The lists are of the raw data taken from county records.

It is not a bad idea for investors and people that are seeking a home of their own to keep an eye on the Notice of Default lists. Many of the homes listed are on the market or will be.

All listings are in PDF and Excel Spread Sheet format.

Multnomah County Foreclosures

One thought on “ Updated Notice of Default Lists

  1. It should be warned that people who purchase defaulted homes, especially in nonjudicial states such as Oregon, will not be purchasing homes with clear titles, subjecting buyers to possible litigation down the road when the rightful owners come back and want their homes back……If you purchase a foreclosed home and they tell you they have clear title for you to purchase it, they are lying because it is impossible to establish clear title under the guise of MERS.


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