Mortgage Refinance: Proposed Home Refinance Bill Could Allow Almost Everyone to Refinance, by Rosemary Rugnetta,

( – Although the current low mortgage interest rates have helped numerous homeowners torefinance into better terms, many have not be able to take advantage of these deals. Tighter lending guidelines have left many homeowners with no where to turn for help. In an effort to help save homeownership for many Americans, Representative Dennis Cardoza of California has proposed a home refinance bill that could allow almost everyone to refinance.

H.R. 6218 is called The Housing Opportunity and Mortgage Equity Act of 2010 (HOME). It is designed to offer refinances directly to homeowners who need help. As other foreclosure prevention programs have failed to prevent further defaults, this bill can possibly reduce foreclosures drastically and reward those who have continued to make their monthly mortgage payments even through economic struggles. With reduced mortgage payments, consumers will have more available cash to spend each month thus stimulating a dragging economy. In addition, this type of refinance can help eliminate strategic defaults and loan modifications.

Following are some of the details of the bill:

-A qualified mortgage is one that is current or in default as long as it is the borrower’s primary residence and is owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, This residence can be a single family dwelling, one to four family dwelling, condominium or a share in a cooperative ownership housing association.

-Any penalties for prepayment or refinancing and penalties due to default or delinquency would be waived or forgiven.

-The term of the new refinance could be no longer than 40 years.

-The servicer cannot charge the borrower any fees for refinancing.

-Fees for title insurance coverage will be reasonable in comparison with fees for the same coverage available. Any fees associated with the refinance would be rolled into the mortgage.

-The enterprise (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) will pay the servicer a fee not to exceed $1,000 for each qualified mortgage that is refinanced.

-There will be no appraisal required.

-In order to pay for this, the old mortgages will be paid off when refinanced. The new refinances will be funded by selling new mortgage securities.

Although lenders believe that they will lose too much money if this bill is adopted, it can probably be the best solution given to date to halt the endless foreclosure issue. It will be interesting to see how this bill develops, what will be added and what will be taken away or even if it will pass. According to Congressman Cardoza’s website, there are about 30 million mortgages guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The savings from this program could be tremendous and have been estimated by Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase to be an annual reduction of approximately $50 billion in mortgage payments. While the success of the available current programs is still questionable, this proposed bill which allows almost everyone to refinance could be the answer to accelerating the economy.

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