Oregon Real Estate Wanted: New Listing SG12

I have new clients that are looking for a home to lease, lease to own or buy on contract. This is a professional couple that will be moving to the area with in the next 60 to 90 days. They have a dog that is well trained and mannered. It is a 100 pound german shepherd. Homes in which pets are welcomed and either has a dog positive yard or near areas where my clients can walk their dog in safety are a must. Client can provide references for themselves as well as their dog.

If you have a listing you feel my clients might be interested in or you know of one let me know. When you contact me just reference SG12 so I will know which clients you are referring too.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you feel might have a property for my clients.

To find out more information about my clients and what they are looking for please visit OregonRealEstateWanted.com and scroll down to buyer SG12 or contact me.





Fred Stewart
Stewart Group Realty Inc.

503-289-4970 (Phone)


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