Forclosure Stopped for 91-Year Old Widow

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interior Mid-February, I posted about a 91-year old widow who was losing her home to foreclosure simply because her husband died. What happened is that the loan officer who did their reverse mortgage (a program that enables seniors to take cash out of their home equity) wrote the loan in the husband’s name only. Mr. and Mrs. Ogle didn’t understand what was happening, because there was paperwork for each of them to sign. They didn’t understand the consequences. When a reverse mortgage is written in only one spouse’s name, if that spouse dies, the survivor no longer owns the home.

Why would anyone do that? Some loan officers set up the loan for the oldest person so they can get more cash out. In the case of the Ogles, Jeanette didn’t understand that she was signing away the home she had and her husband had paid for and lived in together…

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Probability of a U.S. recession in the near future…almost zero

Troubled Assets

recession probabilityMany people lately have been talking about another recession that is coming to the U.S. in the near future. This fear, it seems, is mostly coming from political uncertainty from the recent “fiscal cliff” to the more current federal budget cuts. While these events, along with public sector job losses, can certainly bring a headwind to the economy, will it cause another recession? According to the Smoothed U.S. Recession Probabilities model, the answer is no. This model, which is created and updated by University of Oregon professor Jeremy Piger and is used by the St. Louis Federal Reserve, predicts the likelihood of a recession. The grayed out areas are actual U.S. recessions. With exception to a few false minor jumps, this model appears to be very useful in predicting a U.S. recession.  According to its authors, its probabilities are generated “using monthly data on non-farm payroll employment  industrial production, real personal income…

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Vintage Portland

The New Market Theater is shown here on SW 1st between Ankeny and Ash Streets, probably in 1872, the year it was completed. Construction appears to be just starting for the New Market Block, North Wing, which was completed the following year. The North Wing was demolished in 1956 but the cast-iron arches were saved and are in place today. It will be another 16 years before the Skidmore Fountain makes its appearance. It would be placed probably about at the end of the wooden sidewalk at lower center of the photo.

New Market Theater & North Wing LOC c1873(Library of Congress)

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“Bottom Line: Foreclosures need to stop, student loans need to be modified and return to pre-2005 rules for dischargeability, wages need to rise and the number of people earning wages needs to rise. If you don’t have those ingredients, the economic “recovery” will forever be fragile and will forever be in danger of a much deeper collapse than we saw in 2008 because underlying conditions are worse. That’s why American companies are holding trillions in cash and assets overseas. They don’t trust us anymore.” — Neil F Garfield,

For assistance with presenting a case for wrongful foreclosure and student loans, please call 954-495-9867 (East Coast) 520-405-1688 (West Coast), customer service, who will guide you to our information resources and upon request put you in touch with an attorney in the states of Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Ohio, and Nevada. (NOTE: Chapter 11 may be easier than you think).


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