Neighborhood Clean-Up!

Eliot Neighborhood

Eliot’s annual Spring Clean-Up will be held Sunday, April 28th between 10 am – 2 pm on N. Graham between N. Williams and N. Vancouver. It’s time to clear out the clutter from your closets, rooms, basement, yard and garage. Bring your unused and unusable junk of all sizes and shapes. Clean out your surplus metal, furniture, clothes and more. Fees range from $5 and up. No yard debris, construction debris, raw garbage or hazardous materials can be accepted.

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3 Tips To Get The Best Results On Your Mortgage Application, by Steph Noble

Although the financial markets have tightened lending guidelines and financing requirements over the last few years, the right advice when applying for your loan can make a big difference.


Not all loans are approved. And even when they aren’t approved immediately, it doesn’t have to be the end of your real estate dreams.

There are many reasons why a mortgage loan for the purchase of your real estate could be declined.

Here are a few things to understand and prepare for when applying for a mortgage:


Loan-to-Value Ratio

The loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is the percentage of the appraised value of the real estate that you are trying to finance.

For example, if you are trying to finance a home that costs $100,000, and want to borrow $75,000, your LTV is 75%.

Lenders generally don’t like a high LTV ratio. The higher the ratio, the harder it normally is to qualify for a mortgage.

You can positively affect the LTV by saving for a larger down payment.


Credit-to-Debt Ratio

Your credit score can be affected negatively, which in turn affects your mortgage loan if you have a high credit-to-debt ratio.

The ratio is figured by dividing the amount of credit available to you on a credit card or auto loan, and dividing it by how much you are currently owe.

High debt loads make a borrower less attractive to many lenders.

Try to keep your debt to under 50% of what is available to you. Lenders will appreciate it, and you will be more likely to get approved for a mortgage.


No Credit or Bad Credit

Few things can derail your mortgage loan approval like negative credit issues.

Having no credit record can sometimes present as much difficulty with your loan approval as having negative credit.

With no record of timely loan payments in your credit history, a lender is unable to determine your likelihood to repay the new mortgage.

Some lenders and loan programs may consider other records of payment, like utility bills and rent reports from your landlord.

Talk to your loan officer to determine which of these issues might apply to you, and take the steps to correct them.

Then, you can finance the home of your dreams.

Mortgage Rate Chart: The rates are at historic lows. Maybe it’s time to buy your dream home?


This mortgage rate chart shows rates over the years. We are currently at a historic low. In the Boulder area inventory is also low which is pushing housing prices up. This may be the time to make the move you have been dreaming about. Have any questions about what’s out there or what the value is of your home? Just ask me!

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.34.46 PM

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Interstate 405 Construction, c1965

Vintage Portland

Looking west from the SW 1st Avenue overpass, construction crews are digging deep to excavate the I-405 freeway circa 1965. The Travelodge over on SW 4th is clearly visible here, as are other still extant buildings. You can see an aerial view of the overall area here.

A2005-001.774 Foothill Freeway I405 from SW 1st west 1965(City of Portland Archives)

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Heidi Torkko Blog

fsboWhile these statistics are for 2011 as 2012 is still be populated, it is interesting that agent assisted home sales yield 43% more money for the seller. One of the reasons that sellers choose to sell their home on their own is because they think they’ll save money by not paying commissions to the agent. When you add cost of advertising, real estate lawyer, and other necessary persons to help execute the transaction, the seller could still come out ahead when all expenses and the loss on the sale price are totaled. Why have the frustration of losing potential money and the stress of advertising and the transaction?  Call today!

Visit to request your complimentary report of how we can help you.



For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Statistics

FSBOs accounted for 10% of home sales in 2011. The typical FSBO home sold for $150,000 compared to $215,000 for agent-assisted home…

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Westside Seawall Sandbagging, 1948

Vintage Portland

Pedestrians along the westside seawall check out river levels during the 1948 flood. A little farther north city crews are hard at work continuing sandbagging operations to prevent flooding along SW Harbor Drive. This view is looking north from the Morrison Bridge sidewalk.

A1999-004.1024 Flood control sandbagging seawall and Morrison Bridge 1948(City of Portland Archives)

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