Salem Oregon Homes For Heroes

Nurses, Laboratory Technologists, Pharmacists, Therapists, Social Workers, Chiropractors, Medical Administrators, Dental Hygienists, Chaplains and countless Hospital and Nursing Home career caregivers, may be eligible for our Homes for Heroes program.

We would use the Homes for Heroes program in tandem with the Mortgage program you’re approved for (USDA, VA, FHA or Conventional) and we help with the loan approval process!

The Homes for Heroes promise:

✓ No additional forms.
✓ No red tape.
✓ No fine print.
✓ No hidden fees.
✓ No catch.

If you or someone you know is in the medical field we can help with our Homes for Heroes program!

You can reach me, Travis Newton, Homes for Heroes Mortgage Lender Affiliate in Salem Oregon at 503.931.4490 or on the Oregon Homes For Heroes Facebook page.

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