Denise Goding

We’re always looking for great information to pass along to our readers. Here’s a comparison between which is more cost effective – renting or buying.  This report shows that it’s 42% cheaper to buy a home here in Portland than to rent. Read on and then call me to help you find the right home.

Why it’s Better for Buyers to Close This Year Instead of Next

Buy vs Rent Chart

How will the rent-versus-buy math change over the next year? Two factors matter most: (1) whether prices or rents are rising faster, and (2) what’s happening to mortgage rates. Looking forward, the gap should narrow more sharply because both factors should work together to raise the cost of buying relative to renting.

First, home prices are likely to keep rising faster than rents. The continued economic recovery will make people more able and interested to buy a home, boosting the demand for housing…

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