Ikea to Launch Flat Pack Houses

Engineering World

Ikea have corroborated with Oregon architectural firm Ideabox to design the homes which will cost around $86,500 each and will take longer than an afternoon to construct

The flat pack home will be a one-bedroom home centered around space saving furniture and products. The home will be furnished from with a Ikea products such as Tudra maple flooring, Pax wardrobes and Abstrat cabinets

Plans launched from Ikea show that the dwelling will be 53 feet by 14 feet. the model of the house has been shown at Portland Home & Garden Show at the Portland Expo Center in Oregon, and further displays of the house are in a new UK Ikea village in Gateshead, but the design of these houses will be shown under the design name Boklok

What the Idea house will look like…

ikea house

The Blueprint for the Ikea house…

Ikea blue print

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