What Kind of Bird is That?

Eliot Neighborhood

Eliot’s proximity to the river, the Fremont Bridge, and the established trees in our yards and nearby parks makes it one of the better eastside habitats for birds and bird watching. This includes Cooper’s Hawks that periodically visit (and nest) in Irving Park, Peregrine Falcons that nest in the Fremont Bridge, and Red Tailed Hawks that try to take backyard chickens. I have been visited by Great Blue Herons eating fish out of my, now empty, pond.

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Overpass Construction, 1962

Vintage Portland

NE Weidler Street takes a small shoo-fly to the south while the permanent overpass over the Eastbank Freeway is being built in 1962. This view looks east on a landscape that no longer exists. You can see the overpass in the upper-right of this aerial view of the construction area.

A2005-001.176  Eastbank Freeway overpass construction 1962(City of Portland Archives)

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Force Placed Insurance Used As Excuse to Foreclose

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If you are seeking legal representation or other services call our Florida customer service number at 954-495-9867 and for the West coast the number remains 520-405-1688. Customer service for the livinglies store with workbooks, services and analysis remains the same at 520-405-1688. The people who answer the phone are NOT attorneys and NOT permitted to provide any legal advice, but they can guide you toward some of our products and services.
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