House value in Sandy, Oregon

Troubled Assets

Front2This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Sandy, Oregon was built in 2001 and features 1298 square feet. It last sold for $134,900 on 12/28/2001. My Broker’s Price Opinion: $165,000.

In the recent past, I have been posting some of my Broker’s Price Opinions (what banks call it when they pay you to provide an opinion of value of a property), and I would post what the home last sold for along with today’s value. I used to consistantly see a 35-50% haircut in today’s value versus what the place last sold for. That has been changing. I realize this particular place was last sold over a decade ago, however, it is amazing to me how fast this market has taken a turn and the upward pressure on prices we have been seeing lately.

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