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While many homeowners sell their house with the assistance of a Realtor, some homeowners prefer to handle it themselves. Selling your home without an agent can be a lengthy, complex process.

 The basic parts of the job involve:

  • Pricing your house accurately
  • Qualifying a buyer
  • Advertising
  • Familiarizing yourself with basic real estate regulations and contracts
  • Coordinate the details of a closing.

The greatest downside is the demand on your time and the legal and financial risks. Mistakes may cost you the money you’re trying to save. Don’t become a statistic. Facts reveal the median selling price of a home sold directly by an owner was almost 15% less than those who use a Realtor. Unrepresented sellers typically put less money in their pockets and are at more liability and risk to themselves.

Selling your home by yourself can be a huge hassle, I’ve tried it! About 7 years ago, my wife and I…

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