Intersection Painting Update

Eliot Neighborhood

By Nancy Zimmermann Chung

This year, Eliot Neighbors are participating in Portland’s “Village Building Convergence”. Our project is an intersection painting at the corner of NE Rodney Avenue & NE Tillamook Street. Everyone is invited to join us and pitch in!

Where: NE Rodney Ave. & NE Tillamook St.
When: Saturday, June 1st, 2013, 10am – ?
What: Intersection painting and neighborhood block party, with free food provided by local grocers and eateries!

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219 N Cherry, 1957

Vintage Portland

There’s nothing particularly historic about this photo but it’s a classic mid-century American scene. If these two kids were standing here today, they’d be in their 60s and standing in the Rose Garden/Memorial Coliseum parking lot. Neither Cherry Street, nor Ross Avenue, just a house away to the right, exist today. This home had some nice stained glass and woodworking details to give it a little extra style.

A2001-004.94 219 N Cherry St 1957(City of Portland Archives)

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