The Front Porch

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It was very common during the 19th and early 20th Century in America when most homes had an inviting front porch, usually complete with chairs of some sort…rocking being very popular. There were also porch swings, small tables on which to place refreshments, flower pots, and most of all people who spent many hot summer nights and weekend days sitting outside savoring every breeze, every sweet smell, while in the background insects buzzed, tree frogs croaked loudly and birds chirped to add to the symphony of nature. Today, people don’t sit outside much at home. There are too many competing distractions inside air conditioned houses. What remains are empty rocking chairs such as these shown here. How many children sat beside their parents in a small rocking chair such as the one here, sharing family time while growing up…and learning family values during the process. Be nice to go back…

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What Happened to Low Interest Rates?

Ask Carolyn Warren

ImageInterest rates have gone nowhere but UP for the past 3+ weeks. For home buyers still shopping around for the best deal, it’s like watching a nightmare unfold. Remember those 3.5% 30-year fixed rates? They’re gone!

Rates went to 3.625%, then 3.75%, then skipped right over 3.875% and landed on 4%, now up to 4.125%.

In some scenarios, it makes sense to buy down your rate to 3.75%, but you must do the math first. If the buy down is too expensive, reject it and take the 4.125%.

How to Check Your Buy Down Option

Look at the principal-and-interest payment using both interest rates.

Subtract to get the monthly savings.

Divide the monthly savings into the cost of the buy down.

This is the number of months it will take to break even. If you’ll break even in two years or less, I think it makes sense. If it’s taking…

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