SW 5th Avenue, 1950

Vintage Portland

We’ve seen this view before, in a photo taken eight years later from the same vantage point atop City Hall. This photo show more of the surrounding buildings in this view north up 5th Avenue. Many buildings are familiar today but a few (Congress Hotel and Cole McElroy’s Ballroom for two) met their fates many years ago.

A2005-001.906  SW 5th Ave looking north toward Main St 1950(City of Portland Archives)

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Portland Metro Inventory Hits 2.5 Months!

Real Estate Advocate


The Portland Metro Regional Multiple Listing Service announced earlier yesterday that the Portland Inventory has dropped to 2.5 months. This has not been seen since June 2006 when we hit 2.6 months of inventory!

This is a small preview to an an exciting report coming out hopefully tomorrow.


Stay tuned,

Dustin Miller

Broker/Market Analyst

Realty Trust Group

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