What Home Buyers Really Want: Ethnic Preferences (Part II)

Eye on Housing

Findings from the latest NAHB study on housing preferences, What Home Buyers Really Want: Ethnic Preferences, show there are both similarities and differences in what home buyers of different racial/ethnic backgrounds most want to have in their homes.

Based on an extensive list of more than 120 home and community features that buyers rated as essential, desirable, indifferent, or ‘do not want’, the table below shows the top 10 most wanted features for White, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian buyers.

Highlighted in yellow are the four features that are common to all four lists, i.e., they are really wanted by buyers of all racial/ethnic backgrounds:

  • A laundry room – the single-most wanted feature for all groups, except Asians who rank it 5th most wanted.
  • Energy-star rated appliances
  • Energy-star rating for the whole home
  • Exterior lighting

Highlighted in green are three features that are relatively more important to minority buyers than…

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