Ivy School enjoys the neighborhood

Eliot Neighborhood

By Laurie Simpson

Ivy Students Students in front of the Ivy School, walking back from a swim at Matt Dishman Community Center

The Eliot neighborhood is home to The Ivy School’s 4th through 8th grade campus. The school offers a tuition-free Montessori education with Spanish study for students in grades 1-8. For the last 3 years the school has breathed new life into the old Immaculate Heart brick building across the street from Dawson Park.

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What Price House Can You Afford?

Ask Carolyn Warren

front door of a houseEmily Johnson found the perfect house for her family. Four bedrooms, three baths. The master suite had a garden Jacuzzi tub, just what she  needed after a long, hard day of work. There was plenty of street appeal, too. After hours of looking on the Internet, she’d found The One.

Her next step was to contact the real estate agent who was listing the house and ask to see inside.

Emily fell in love.

That evening, she brought her husband out to see the house, and he agreed with her that it was just what they wanted. They asked the real estate agent how they could make an offer. And that’s when everything fell apart.

You see Emily, like so many other house shoppers, had done everything wrong  — starting with her initial search.

What Went Wrong?

When you want to buy a house, your first step is not searching…

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SE Union Ave and Washington, 1932

Vintage Portland

Today’s photograph was taken at the intersection of Union Ave (MLK) and Washington St. The men in the middle of the intersection are repairing the sewer. In the background you can see “H. Smith Produce,” and “Whitely and Clark Co.” stores.

SE Union and Washington St., 1931 : A2000-025.277 SE Union and Washington St., 1932 : A2000-025.277

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VA Loans: The Two Required Documents You’ll Need For Low VA Mortgage Rates


The Department of Veterans Affairs makes available a special mortgage loan for veterans and active servicemen via its VA Loan Guaranty program.

More commonly called the “VA loan”, the loan guaranty program allows for no money down on a home; and never requires its borrowers to pay mortgage insurance. Plus, VA mortgage rates rates are extra-low.

Since 1944, the VA loan program has been used in more than 20 million closings, offering affordable homeownership to military borrowers nationwide; and providing low-cost, streamlined refinance programs for existing VA homeowners.


The VA Loan Guaranty program is more lenient as compared to conventional loans via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; or to FHA loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

The VA loan allows for lower-than-typical credit scores, and income verifications are often less strict. However, because VA loans are part of the benefits bestowed upon military veterans and active servicepersons…

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Bear Dens, circa 1935

Vintage Portland

It’s hard to believe that Washington Park once housed several bears. Here was see the bear pit that was located where the Japanese Garden is today. This photograph was taken circa 1935.

Bear Dens City Park (Washington Park), circa 1935 : A2004-002.857 Bear Dens City Park (Washington Park), circa 1935 : A2004-002.857

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Rose Festival Merrykhana Parade, 1927

Vintage Portland

Since the Rose Festival was just a few weeks ago, I thought I would share an image from the Rose Festival Merrykhana Parade on June 24, 1927. The Merrykhana parade eventually became the Starlight Parade. This is the Police Reserve’s entry that year. In the background you can see A. G. Spalding and Bros., an athletic outfitters store located on Broadway at Alder Street according to the 1927 Polk Directory.

Police Reserve entry into the Rose Festival Merrykhana Parade June 24, 1927 : A2000-026.78 Police Reserve entry into the Rose Festival Merrykhana Parade June 24, 1927 : A2000-026.78

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