Notice of a Proposed Zoning Change

Eliot Neighborhood

Eliot Zone Map Eliot Zone Map 2014

If you are a property owner, you probably received this notice in the past month. Normally, a notice like this is cause for alarm, but not in this case. Two major changes are proposed in Eliot as part of the Comp Plan; changing R2 (one residence per 2000 sq ft) zones to R2.5 (one residence per 2500 sq ft) and changing all C (commercial) and E (employment) zones to “Mixed Use.”

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One thought on “Notice of a Proposed Zoning Change

  1. This is a change that has been a long time coming. It shows the city has repaired the relationship that was damaned back in the 1974’s during the first effort to increase the density of the neighborhood via Urban Reneal developments.

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