St. Johns Fire Station, circa 1932

Vintage Portland

This photograph shows a number man standing outside the old St. Johns City Hall and fire station in 1932. The structure on the left of the image was identified as a bandstand, according to the envelope the image came in. The old City Hall still stands today and is located at 7214 N Philadelphia Avenue, and now serves as the Portland Police Bureau Training Division building.

St. Johns fire station and bandstand, 1932: A2009-009.2609 St. Johns fire station and bandstand, circa 1932: A2009-009.2609

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Crafting a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

the pajama life

mainI’m really jealous of people who are talented at flower arranging. No matter how hard I try, I always feel like an amateur. It takes a certain finesse to create professional looking flowers. That’s why I totally understand why great-looking centerpieces are pricey.

Still, I honestly don’t have a budget to invest in a spectacular centerpiece — especially during the holidays.  I usually end up at the last minute running about the house grabbing vessels and random candles to at least have something on the table. Knowing my flower arranging insecurities are a cop-out, I resolved to attempt a DIY centerpiece and vowed to be happy with it even if it doesn’t turn out perfect.

Luckily, I came across an end-of-season sale at Hobby Lobby and all fall decor was discounted 80% off! After scouring the shelves for non-neon orange leaves and realistic-looking foliage, I settled on a fall garland…

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Rodney Greenway Coming Soon

Eliot Neighborhood

By Stuart Malkin –

Rodney Diverter Map Expected traffic flow due to Rodney diverter

You may have already noticed the speed bumps being installed on NE Rodney. The Portland Bureau of Transportation is converting NE Rodney into a family friendly bike route, known as a Neighborhood Greenway. Neighborhood Greenways are a type of street treatment that provides a safe shared-use environment for bicycling. The road conversion will run south to north from NE Broadway to NE Killingsworth and offer a calmer alternative bike route to the soon to be improved Williams street bikeway.

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