Crafting a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

the pajama life

mainI’m really jealous of people who are talented at flower arranging. No matter how hard I try, I always feel like an amateur. It takes a certain finesse to create professional looking flowers. That’s why I totally understand why great-looking centerpieces are pricey.

Still, I honestly don’t have a budget to invest in a spectacular centerpiece — especially during the holidays.  I usually end up at the last minute running about the house grabbing vessels and random candles to at least have something on the table. Knowing my flower arranging insecurities are a cop-out, I resolved to attempt a DIY centerpiece and vowed to be happy with it even if it doesn’t turn out perfect.

Luckily, I came across an end-of-season sale at Hobby Lobby and all fall decor was discounted 80% off! After scouring the shelves for non-neon orange leaves and realistic-looking foliage, I settled on a fall garland…

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