Back To The Old Nabe

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The topic of gentrification has yet again come up.  Not in any real conversation I have had … no, I don’t see actual people anymore.  It is to online and the kingdom of the 4.0 Estate that these peeps and murmuring comes, complaints from the middle class that they are being pushed out of their poor neighborhoods (AKA “working class neighborhoods” but without class consciousness these psudo-proles would not be considered more than a lumpenproletariat by way of Messrs. Marx and Bakunin) and replaced with trust-fund-kids (AKA Trustafarians) who look upon the middle class kids and wonder what it is to live “among The People,” to only live enjoying the moment, not just working to work but because bills need to be paid.  I am convinced the actual “poor people” of these areas don’t even register to the Trustafarians, to them the others are a colour from outer space.


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