Paying to Pee on Airpnp

This could bring back he outdoor toilet and become an income stream for some homeowners.

Gary Conkling Life Notes

The emergence of the sharing economy has opened up new entrepreneurial avenues to make a buck – shared rides, shared rooms and, now, shared potties.

AirpnpNothing contours itself better to the technology of the times and the meme “there is an app for that” than airpnp, which can help you locate the nearest bathroom on your smartphone in your moment of great distress.

People with excited bladders and sudden urges are already accustomed to scouting the locations of restrooms in advance. Airpnp is the same idea on steroids. It can find where to go virtually anywhere.

While people are willing to pay for a ride and a room, the question out there is whether they will pay to pee. Early indicators suggest people will pay when they have no choice and some change in their pocket.

Airpnp originated in New Orleans and can be traced to that city’s famous Mardi Gras celebration…

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