Gentrification & the Arts

mill house My neighborhood in Ft. Inn, an old mill village. A city that has been changed for the better because of the arts, and the same people still live here.

No one in the arts field wants gentrification.

[Correction, almost no one wants gentrification. I once was in a meeting where someone said, “This area will be great once it gets gentrified.” I was floored. That guy is the exception.]

Gentrification is an easy concept to understand, but it’s hard to admit when it’s happening. And it’s even harder to admit it when we’re a part of the process when we didn’t mean to be.

The belief that the arts can help lift a community start with one common belief – the arts are for everyone. Not just the privileged, not just the few, but literally every person. That’s why we all dedicate our lives to exposing as many people as possible…

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