Maybe Home Price Gains Aren’t Decelerating After All

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Reblogged from Mortgage News Daily – Jann Swanson

Home price increases continued to exceed CoreLogic’s own projections in July. The company’s Home Price Index (HPI) indicates that home prices nationwide, including distressed sales, rose 1.1 percent from June and were 6 percent higher than in July 2015. The month-over-month gain was identical to the rate of appreciation from May to June, but the year-over-year increase marked an acceleration from the 5.7 percent reported in June. In the last HPI, CoreLogic noted a deceleration in price gains.

Oregon and Washington continue to top the charts with double digit annual increases of 11.2 and 10.2 percent respectively. They were followed by Colorado at 9.3 percent, West Virginia (8.6 percent) and Utah (7.9 percent.) Only one state failed to post an annual gain; Connecticut, where prices fell by 1.2 percent. Other states had negligible changes; New Jersey saw appreciation of only 0.2 percent…

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