7 Top Real Estate Housing Trends in 2017

Miguel Bustamante Realtor

2016 definitely demonstrated a strong display in the real estate industry. Home prices and sales got pretty powerful figures in 2016 and these figures were the strongest since the economic recession of 2016. Housing market conditions for 2017 are predicted to be having low mortgages rates as well as high demands for real estate properties. However, it is also important to note that there may or may not be any favorable conditions for people to purchase or borrow in the real estate market especially in a few initial months of 2017. Here is a brief list of top real estate housing trends in 2017:

1.    Housing Construction and Home Prices will Rise

second-image-hot_sold_1600Similar to 2016, housing construction will continue to increase as well as home prices will also increase in 2017. Housing construction will focus mostly in cities and will mostly include smaller homes, public transit and urban centers.

2.   …

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