Home Renovation Trends for Baby Boomers

Renovations Brooklyn

According to the US Census Bureau, the population of baby boomers in 2012 was estimated to be 76.4 million, which is nearly one-fourth of the total US population.

While some aging adults plan to gain new experiences in their golden year, statistics reveal that over 60% of the retirees decides to stay in their current home as mobility becomes a crucial factor in old age.

However, old age requires special care and attention to maintain health and comfort which involves various changes in day-to-day lifestyle.

Therefore, the most comfortable alternative for elderly homeowners is to undertake home renovation which includes creating and updating the home to make it more comfortable and safe for older people.

Although installing easy to operate faucets and appliance, grab bars, higher toilets, and slip-resistant floors are some primary upgrades that most retirees include in their home renovation project, one can also trace other definite…

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