A New Twist on the Old Contractor Lockbox

Asset managers REO brokers and affiliates, what we show you may scare you.

Although contractor lockboxes are a necessity in the REO world unfortunately they are also great for inviting unwanted attention to your vacant asset. We try to hide the lockbox on the gas meter or the water spigot, but many times they end up living on the front door knob. Nosey neighbors and bored kids love to try to get into your vacant homes to take a look, sometimes wary travelers or homeless people seek homage in your place. Much of this can be avoided simply by not drawing attention to the fact that the home is vacant.

Obviously better than leaving the key on top of the outdoor sconce, the contractor lockbox does provide a more difficult way for someone to access the key. However, as you just witnessed in the video above, a handheld hammer and 5 whacks cracks it wide open. Even scarier is how easy it is to pick a push style model. Without force or any damage, the code of a push style contractor lockbox can be easily determined by pressing the clear key and running through the numbers. Within 30 seconds most people can gain access using this method.


The Bottom of the St. Helens RocLok Lock Box model.

Unfortunately with all of the trade’s people needing access to the place, keeping a key hidden at the property is a must. Electronic Realtor lockboxes offer better security however the electronic key to open them is not available to subs and contractors for the trash out or repairs. So what is the answer? After 7 years as an REO broker, Ryan Belshee came up with a solution to this problem, The RocLok Hide a Key.

Combining the security of the contractor lockbox and a faux rock that looks, weighs and adapts just like natural stone; the RocLok provides the much needed disguise other key hiding safes lack.

Just like any other lockbox, the RocLok has a 3 digit, re-adjustable code that safeguards spare keys. The code is set by you and changed as frequently as needed when in the unlocked state. However, the most notable improvement is that instead of screaming, “I’m hiding a key, come and get it,” the RocLok hides in plain sight. Nothing like the little pebble sized plastic rocks that have been around for decades, the RocLok is a 12 pound concrete based rock. It is weather and impact resistant, ages naturally and doesn’t depend on batteries or power to operate.

The use of the RocLok in your field services will reduce break-ins and reduce the cost of servicing the

The St. Helens RocLok Lock Box Hides Keys Disguised as a Natural Rock

asset. As an additional safety precaution the RocLok is now available with the new LokDown System allowing the agent to secure it to the ground, tree or pole meaning no one is going to walk off with your keys without a lot of work. The LokDown was designed to withstand over 250 lbs of lifting force when installed into the ground and much more if attached to a pole or other solid object.

For more information about the RocLok Hide a Key or to purchase one please visit: www.RocLok.com – Bulk orders are available and can be shipped to multiple locations for easier disbursement. Contact us at: info@roclok.com to obtain accurate pricing.