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Interview with Jerry Wilson of Finance America

The topic of this interview with Jerry Wilson is buying Investment Property.   He shares his insights of what it takes and what to expect in 2017 when it comes to financing residential income property.    Jerry Wilson has been a Morgage Professional over 25 years.   He has funded nearly 1 Billion dollars in transactions.

Oregon Real Estate Waned has just posted a new buyer: SG 16

SG16  is an experienced  real estate investor  looking for real estate investment opportunities in the Portland metro market.   This investor is an all Cash buyer and will not need bank or lender approval to finalize any agreement made.

For more information regarding this buyer and others.  Visit at

Oregon Land Sales Contract A Seller Financing Web Site

Announcing the ( web site. The OLSC web site is for the listing of homes in which the seller is offering Owner Carry, Lease Option or Rent to Own terms. The credit crunch has made it hard to impossible for many good buyers to obtain financing. In today’s market sellers have to consider offering terms so they do not miss out on an opportunity to sell their property to qualified buyers. This might seem like the sellers are compromising their position to some. For others, this is an opportunity for sellers to realize the interest income lenders have enjoyed for years.

Please share this link with anyone you feel might consider selling their residential or commercial property with terms or are looking for real estate to buy on terms.

Oregon Land Sales Contract