Northwest Residential Apprasial LLC. A Company I will not work with again

I had an appraiser from Northwest Residential Appraisal LLC ( inform me that most people that pay cash for real estate pay more than people that obtain loans. He also asserted that sellers do not consider cash buyers more favorably than they do buyers that obtain loans. In my opinion this Apprasier is either dishonest, ignorant of historical real estate trends when it comes to cash buyers over buyers that seek financing or is covering for some other prejudice he hold against this property. Regardless, I do not want this company around my business again.

This is the type of professionals we have to deal with in Oregon. Everywhere else on the planet a cash buyer is always considered a better option and a buyer that has to obtain a loan as more risky. That is unless you are working with Northwest Appraisal Services LLC.

I will never allow a client of mine to become a victim of this company again.

Fred Stewart
Stewart Group Realty Inc.