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The VA home loan has helped many of our country’s Veterans achieve the American Dream that they have served to protect, and for that reason we absolutely LOVE IT! The qualifying factors and underwriting guidelines are just a little different than that of an FHA or Conventional home loan, though.

As we said in the video, current members of the Armed Forces, those who have been honorably discharged, National Guard/Reserve members with 6 years of service, as well as unmarried surviving spouses of Veterans qualify for the VA home loan. We have a lot of those folks in Oregon & Washington, and as a result many of the homes for sale here are amenable to VA financing.

Another reason to love the VA home loan is that there are built-in safeguards for our Veterans, such as a limit on the fees that can be charged directly to the Veteran, and property criteria designed to ensure that no major home repair expenses are incurred by the Veteran after buying the house.

Put these reasons together with the fact that there are no monthly mortgage insurance premiums, and you have a spectacular loan program that takes care of those who take care of us. Thanks to all of our Veterans out there, and if you have any questions about VA financing, or home loans in general, remember we are here to help! Visit our website, sign up for email or rss updates, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. How It Works

Oregon Real Estate Wanted ( is a web site created for the marketing of the needs of people seeking to buy real estate in Oregon. Buyers are listed along with their needs and qualification so those that are seeking to sell real estate can contact them just like buyers approach sellers of real estate.

How it works:

Each buyer listed on the site will be given a serial number that will identify them to the public. We offer this so their privacy is protected and fairness in the presentation of all opportunities is assured.

Before being listed on A buyer must have met with a loan officer and obtained a pre-qualification letter. This letter will not be listed on the site, but the name and contact information of the loan officer the buyer will be working with will be included with their listing. We encourage the buyer to allow the loan officer to pull their credit report and review all of their income documentation so that loan officer can ensure the buyer is qualified for the loan program they will be applying for. We want sellers and real estate brokers that visit the site to have confidence that the buyers listed have the ability to close on a loan.

We will promote a detailed wish list the buyer(s) are looking for so people that have real estate for sale can compare that wish list with their property. If they feel they have something that is a good fit, they will be encouraged to contact us and we will then notify the buyer of an opportunity.

When a seller or broker notifies us of a property or listing that fits the buyer’s criteria we will present that property to the buyer for their consideration.

By doing this we will allow the buyer to have full access to the available properties that are available. Both properties listed on the multiple listing services and For Sale By Owners (FSBO) will be considered.

This web site will allow Stewart Group Realty to present our clients to a wide range of opportunities.

Oregon Real Estate Wanted Update with July 30, 2010 NOD Lists was updated today (July 31, 2010) with the largest list of Notice Defaults to date. With Notice of Default records dating back over 2 years. documents the fall of the great real estate bust of the 21st centry. The lists are of the raw data taken from county records.

It is not a bad idea for investors and people that are seeking a home of their own to keep an eye on the Notice of Default lists. Many of the homes listed are on the market or will be.

All listings are in PDF and Excel Spread Sheet format.

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